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GeeHawtTea's News

Posted by GeeHawtTea - May 25th, 2022

Thanks to anyone who added me here! now i feel like i could do something on this page that i haven't used over 4 years (old account was deleted and dead)

now we gotta work more on more


Posted by GeeHawtTea - May 23rd, 2022

well 2 more followers and i reach 10 lol, plz some help here


Posted by GeeHawtTea - May 16th, 2022

so idk i noticed that insta flagged few of my posts before when they aren't even unsafe or attacking someone

so my account status are like in danger because of that for three times, and i noticed that reaches became slow comparing to before getting a third strike out of nowhere.

i don't want to lose that account nor making a new one and forgetting that one


no need to follow me or something but at least boost the last post i made

reshares or likes are enough

and if anyone has an idea to take down those strikes and return my account to safety let me know

(idk it feels like i'll end up making a new account)


Posted by GeeHawtTea - March 30th, 2022

So we got the device and i took almost a month practicing it and now i'm getting used to the screenless gaomon, Now it's about learning brushes and softwares, i completed learning my personal style again on medibang in pc but gotta try new techniques to hit a new level in illustration, i got CSP and Paint tool SAI plus photoshop cc to learn and finally adobe animate


Posted by GeeHawtTea - March 4th, 2022

SO, i'm finally gonna get my Gaomon Tablet! which means more practice to stop using paper and export to phone and ruin artworks in head shape or body shape, even i noticed that whenever i draw on paper and do a mistake it's either i'm lazy to remake the whole drawing idea since there's a no go back when i mess something up on paper and end up ruining it in the digital version on phone or computer with mouse but with a graphic tablet like gaomon i can draw directly my works and projects or even start my animation projects, sfw or nsfw who cares!



Posted by GeeHawtTea - February 16th, 2022

just made a discord server if anyone's interested




Posted by GeeHawtTea - February 14th, 2022

Something in progress coming soon!

i present you the queen of nintendo Bayonetta



Posted by GeeHawtTea - February 11th, 2022

well currently confused what my content should be about since i make sfw concepts for big projects and in another place i do nsfw stuff

which one is the best currently and in which side


Posted by GeeHawtTea - January 27th, 2022

so after i finished making my own portraits as a start of the reworking process to notice how paintings work and why people like semi realistic painting, i find it fun to play with brushes

currently learned using Coarse brush and acrylic plus the oil paint, other than that i still have the old skills with airbrush and watercolor, but watercolor could work perfectly with the new brushes i used, except what i noticed too, i used less airbrush in my works this time

and might move now as well to making OCs for a game or series projcet and do the fanarts i haven't reworked in so long

there i can go back to animating, i'll open commissions during that since i need cash to buy a new computer and at least a graphic tablet, all my works are done on paper then scanned to the computer and digitalized them in mouse with csp and sometimes medibang on phone


Posted by GeeHawtTea - January 27th, 2022

didn't expect to upload 30 artworks here actively